100% electric machinery with proper range

We offer the future of electric machinery - state-of-the-art electric dumpers, unlike anything you'll find on the market.

12-hour run-time on a single charge. Have you ever seen that before from all-electric machinery?

Our 100% electric and particle-free machines are lithium battery-powered solutions that match - even beats - the performance of combustion engine alternatives.

The electric machines can run for more than a full working day. Actually, more than 12 hours, which removes the risk of pausing work while recharging occurs. 

Reduced noise levels allow users to work longer hours, as you may start earlier and finish later than with louder machinery. Also, it brings back the social aspect of working on-site, as you can hear your co-workers while driving.

Get started with a single push of a button. The HG electric machines are user-friendly and intuitive, making it seamless to adapt to the next step within electrical machinery.

We make our electric machinery at our facilities and have developed our software to optimize the battery performance to best-in-class.

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12 hour run-time on a 2 tons dumper. The next step in our electrical revolution.

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Our frontrunner to help accelerate the particle-free bulk movement.

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E1000 High Tip

A 100% electric, high-quality dumper with an added benefit.

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