HG H1000 'Super Skub'

Meet the worlds most reliable mini dumper for professionalsThe HG H1000 'Super Skub' is built to move everywhere and carry heavy volume

  • Loads 1.000kg
  • Minimal maintenance – built to last with low cost of ownership
  • Designed in Denmark since 1970
  • User-friendly machine
  • Easy to use in tight spaces
  • Excellent manoeuvrability and versatility.

The HG H1000 'Super Skub' is very user-friendly and provides a high degree of maneuverability, making it easy to navigate in narrow areas and challenging urban environments.

The high-quality mini dumper has been known for its longevity since 1970, serving professionals looking for a mini dumper that is durable and reliable

It comes with total safety measures that ensure the highest safety standards for users while being able to load 1.000 kg.

The HG H1000 mini dumpers are produced with attention to detail and are of the highest quality. Produced in the EU, we ensure a low total cost of ownership due to high durability and low service requirements after purchase.



L x W x H: 205 x 85 x 90
Weight: 295 kg.
Volume: 400 L
Payload kg: 1000 kg.
Unloading height: 60 cm


Type: Honda GX200 Stage 5 - Electric start
Performance: 6,5 HK
Clutch: Centrifugal with cold start


Fully hydraulic
Tip function: Hydraulic
Travel speed: 0-6km/h

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