HG E2000 Dumper


12 hours of driving,
4 hours of charging.

This is the next step of our electrical revolution. Meet the 100% electric HG E2000 dumper.

The only electric dumper on the market that gives you three hours of driving for each hour of charging.

Our latest addition to accelerate 100% machinery:

  • Up to 12 hours of effective drive time – more than enough for a full work day
  • Fast charging – 20 to 80% battery in 2,5 hours, 0-100% in 4
  • Charges with 160A power or 35A charger
  • Lithium battery technology - LiFePO4
  • Drive with one pedal for maximum comfort
  • Significantly reduces noise levels
  • Emission-free work environment

You can use it without worrying about the battery running out and it handles a full charge from 0-100% battery in around 4 hours. This increases your flexibility and enhances productivity even more.

The complete four-wheel drive provides individual torque on all four wheels, making the machine off-road capable.

We produce the E2000 in our facility. It is designed and built to meet the highest quality standards, which ensures a low total cost of ownership due to high durability and low service requirements after purchase.





L x W x H: 3975 x 1480 x 2989
Weight: 2.150 kg.
Volume: 892 L
Payload kg: 2.000 kg.
Unloading height: 172/120cm


Lithimum: 17-23 kWh
Voltage: 48V
Runtime: Up to 12 hours


Internal charger: 1-10 kW

Plug: 160A Charger
20-80% charge time: 2,5 hours
0-100% charge time: 4 hours

Plug: 35A Charger

20-80% charge time: 10 hours
0-100% charge time: 16 hours


Type: Electric
Performance: 3kW x 4 pcs.
41 Nm (instant)
Travel speed: 0-16 km/h

General functions

Tip: Hydraulic
Swing: Hydraulic
High Tip: Hydraulic

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