HG E1000 'Super Skub'

Meet the 100% electric HG E1000 'Super Skub' mini dumper. Our frontrunner to help accelerate the particle-free bulk movement.

  • More than 12-hour run time on a single charge
  • Fast charging – 20 to 80% battery charge in 90 min.
  • Low noise levels bring a social aspect back to the site
  • Promotes a healthy workplace with zero exhaust emissions
  • Makes it possible to start early and finish late
  • Loads more than 1.000 kg.

It is very user-friendly and provides a high degree of maneuverability, making it easy to navigate in narrow areas. The electrical engine completely matches the performance of traditional combustion engines.

It comes with its own internal charging system that allows for fast battery charge with simple plug-in.

The HG E1000 'Super Skub' mini dumpers are produced with attention to detail and are of the highest quality. Produced in the EU, we ensure a low total cost of ownership due to high durability and low service requirements after purchase.



L x W x H: 205 x 85 x 98
Weight: 376 kg.
Volume: 400 L
Payload kg: 1000 kg.
Unloading height: 60 cm


Type: Electric
Performance: 2000 W
Moment: 14 Nm


Electrical trans shaft
Tip function: Hydraulic
Travel speed: 0-7 km/h


Lithium: 120 Ah
Voltage: 24V
Runtime: 12 hours


0-100% charge time: 3,5 hours
20-80% charge time: 90 minutes
Internal charger: 100-240V ac
Plug: EU Standard plug

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