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Nordkysten A/S is a Danish construction company specializing in infrastructure projects, including road construction, water supply, and sewage systems. Nordkysten specializes in responsible practices and innovative solutions.


We need to be able to solve our projects while ensuring low emissions. If not, we won’t even be invited to bid. Using E2000 and other electrical machinery has given us the reputation of being first movers in the industry.

Kamilla Mercedes Kuld, Sustainability Manager

The E2000 is easy to use
and logically designed. The 12-hour run time makes the transition to 100% electric smooth - even without reading the manual. It can also handle a beating and does the job for a full day without issues.

Allan Svanevig, Operator

We use a lot of electric gear for the sake of the environment and our employees. They avoid emissions and heavy noise pollution, which helps them come home to their families healthy and happy. We think it's a win/win.

Stig Bo Lippold, Equipment Manager