Our solutions allow on-site
personnel to maneuver efficiently in confined areas that are difficult to work.

About HG

Moving volume efficiently and reliably.

It is what we do and what we know – and we can be a little bit nerdy about it. Our solutions allow on-site personnel to maneuver in confined areas that are difficult to work. We have the machinery to move materials efficiently and reliably from A to B, no matter the challenge.

As the requirements for particle-free worksites are increasing, we went to help accelerate the electrical movement. For us, responsibility covers the need for green-tech and machinery that are easier on workers' health and reduces emissions on site.

While we have changed the name of our machinery, we continue to include the mini dumpers nickname, 'Super Skub'. We do this as they carry the same values and performance as our traditional machines, while fitting into the HG brand.


We thrive on the challenge of optimizing workflows and allowing for added efficiency for our users.

This also matches our desire to lead the change in supplying responsible on-site machinery. Not only to secure better working conditions for our users on-site but also through solutions that have a less environmental impact.


Being a family-owned business through four generations, we have made it our mission to simplify life for our customers. We are a Danish business proud to put our name on the door.

As a family-owned operation, we focus on long-term value and want to create a trustworthy presence with our partners through honesty, transparency, and close collaboration.

It is in our heritage to build reliable machinery, as we have been doing it for the past 25 years.

Our approach focuses user-based innovation. This is true in our partnerships and similarly in how we view our climate responsibility. We want to drive energy-efficient solutions forward to provide machinery for a particle-free worksite.