By focusing on 100% electric performance, we want to champion responsible ways-of-working that reduces emissions and improves the working environment.

The future of machinery

We want to make switching to 100% electric dumpers easy.

No more, no less.

As the requirements for particle-free worksites are increasing, we want to accelerate the electrical movement by simply removing all the obstacles and excuses for not making the responsible choice, especially with dumpers.

To make this transition seamless, we must offer simple electric dumpers that perform similarly to or better than the traditional combustion engine alternatives.

Dumpers need to withstand the elements and the test of time. Whether powered by fossil fuels or electricity, operational stability is crucial to effectiveness. A big part of this is onboarding and technical support, which we always ensure to provide through both HG and our competent partners.

Also, it's a huge bonus that emission-free machinery is easier on workers' health and improves socializing with colleagues due to the reduced engine noise.

We know that this is no simple task. We still produce our Super Skub models with a relatively mild Stage V combustion engine. However, we see it as a transition and want to spearhead it. Take responsibility and push the electric movement across our industry.

We aim to lead the change in supplying responsible on-site machinery. Not only to secure better working conditions for our users on-site but also through solutions that have a less environmental impact.
Our purpose

Accelerating responsible on-site machinery through user-based innovation

- Long-term perspective
- Quality through know-how
- Operate with accountability
- Win as a team

Driving the movement for an easy switch to 100% electric dumpers


Being a family-owned business through four generations, we have made it our mission to simplify life for our customers. We are a Danish business proud to put our name on the door.

As a family-owned operation, we focus on long-term value and want to create a trustworthy presence with our partners through honesty, transparency, and close collaboration.

It is in our heritage to build reliable machinery, as we have been doing it for the past 25 years.

Our approach focuses user-based innovation. This is true in our partnerships and similarly in how we view our climate responsibility. We want to drive energy-efficient solutions forward to provide machinery for a particle-free worksite.